Gregg Braden’s Experiences: The Power Of Intention

Gregg Braden has written over 20 books and several of them have become bestsellers. His book Fractal Time has long been on the New York Times bestseller list. Braden’s approach is confusing.
Gregg Braden's Experiences: The Power of Intention

Gregg Braden is one of those scientists who leave you perplexed, because starting from scientific postulates, they implement ideas which do not coincide with those of traditional science. Several of his approaches are based on three experiences which, of course, constitute evidence for what he says.

However, similar evidence has not been reproduced. Therefore, his theories were not formally adopted as scientific knowledge.

Gregg Braden has made some bold statements, like the one that many people meditating on a common goal are able to change reality. This is what some call “the power of intention”. He also points out that emotions affect DNA and that, at the same time, self-healing is possible in a similar way.

Before turning to Gregg Braden’s experiments, or rather the experiments on which he based his theses, it is important to point out that official science has not supported his claims. But she did not systematically challenge them either. Therefore, this question requires both openness and caution.

Gregg Braden links science and spirituality.

Gregg Braden: science and spirituality

Gregg Braden is an American geologist who worked as a computer geologist for Phillips Petroleum in the 1970s. He then became a senior computer systems designer at Martin Marietta Defense Systems . In 1991, he was appointed the first COO of Cisco Systems.

However, Braden began to delve into the study of ancient cultures and developed a keen interest in spiritual matters. Starting from the idea that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive realities, he turned to research on the relationship between these two fields in the mid-1990s.

It must be said that at the moment, he is better known for the large amount of books he has written and for the television shows in which he has participated, than for anything else. In other words, he is not a recognized researcher within the scientific community. However, some of his work has been cited in some research.

The basis of the research

Gregg Braden produced a well-known documentary called “The Science of Miracles”. There he expounds many of his theories and cites three truly puzzling experiences. The first was carried out in 1990 by Russian scientist Vladimir Poponin. The second was military in nature and the third was carried out at the HeartMath Institute .

Poponin’s experiment consisted of taking a glass tube and creating a vacuum in it. In reality, there is never a total vacuum. What Poponin wanted was to study the behavior of photons, that is, particles of light, inside this tube.

At first, the photons were scattered without any order. The researcher then introduced samples of human DNA, and then these particles were aligned around this biological sample. In theory, this would show that DNA affects the material around it.

Gregg Braden experimented with DNA samples.

Other experiences

For the second experiment, a sample of white blood cells was taken and placed in a special room, where it was possible to measure any electrical changes, no matter how small. In an adjacent room was the donor and he was asked to watch a series of video images, which showed violent and intimidating situations.

Braden says that by simultaneously measuring donor responses and changes in white blood cells, there was a match. That is, what this person was feeling seemed to be experienced by their biological sample as well. Apparently, this would prove that living cells recognize each other.

For the third experiment, 28 human placenta samples were taken and placed in vessels capable of detecting the electrical changes they contain. Next to each sample was a person doing meditation.

Each of these people focused intensely on one feeling, positive or negative. According to Braden, DNA expands if a person projects constructive emotion and shrinks if the emotion is negative.

What these experiments would prove, without success yet, is that feelings change matter. On a practical level, Gregg Braden believes that a person can be healed by their “positive” thoughts and feelings. Although his work offers some interesting clues, it is still far from scientifically validated.

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