Get Rid Of All Emotional Waste!

Get rid of all emotional waste!

When you clean your house, you tidy up and clean things, but you also throw a lot of rubbish in the trash.

When you cook, it’s the same thing: what you don’t use ends up in the garbage.

On the same model, when you pile up too much records and paperwork at work, you get rid of them.

But what do you do with the feelings and emotions that pollute you? Is there a “recycle bin” to dispose of, like on your computer?

Emotional waste builds up in our mind, and we don’t always know how to get rid of it.

A day will come when you will no longer have space available in your heart. You will no longer be able to experience new positive feelings, because you will be filled with negative emotions.

If you wake up in the morning completely unmotivated and have opted for resignation, rather than struggle, it is possible that your amount of stress and toxic emotions is far too great.

This situation is much more common than you might imagine, and it can happen several times in a lifetime.

This moment occurs when we are unable to let go of the anger, resentment, frustration, stress, annoyance, revenge and envy that we have accumulated.

These states of mind pile up in our “hard drive”, and we no longer have the space to store anything else there.

Negative emotions take up physical space in our mind. This space devoted to them will not be reduced when you have purified it, but you will feel lighter and freer, psychologically, mentally and spiritually.

You must at all costs purge the toxic thoughts which do nothing for you and which only slow you down in your daily life. 

If you don’t, you will become more dissatisfied day by day. You will no longer have the energy to face all of your daily responsibilities.

If after reading these few words you want to eliminate all the emotional waste that is in your mind, we are going to present you several very interesting, but above all very effective, steps to achieve this.

1. First, you need to readjust your expectations.

This does not mean that you have to stop dreaming, having ambitions and striving for excellence, but simply that you have to reduce the pressure you put on yourself, and that you put on others as well.

The more we have high expectations (whether it be towards our job, our marriage, our studies, or our plans for the future), the more we are exposed to feel sadness and frustration, to very significant degrees as well.

The first thing to do, to eliminate all your emotional waste, is therefore to rebalance your expectations according to your possibilities.

Set short-term goals. By accumulating them, you will achieve a more global goal, which will be achieved before you even know it.

Instead of wanting to aim directly for the position of head of your company, already start working to become a manager, before gradually climbing the ladder.

2. Second, consider maintaining a positive attitude no matter what.

If you are continually thinking about negative things, the likelihood of your failure will be very high.

Get into the habit of writing a “positive diary”. Each day, write down at least three good things that have happened to you, even if they are minimal and seem unimportant (having been able to sit in the metro, discovering a little money in the pockets of an old jacket, find a new job, have an interesting conversation with someone, etc).

You will start to feel happier, to value what you have, to be more grateful for what is happening to you, and negative emotions will no longer have a place in your daily life.

3. Third, you need to get rid of the toxic feelings you are feeling in order to lead a happier and more proactive life.

It just means that it is not enough to do some soul searching and say, “ Yes, I have a lot of negative emotions ,” but that something must also be done to get rid of them.

Take action as soon as possible, at your own pace, to let go of everything that weighs on your conscience.

Instead of sitting idly by with the trash piling up in your mind, start cleaning up now.

Depending on your personality, you can opt to throw away a small portion of these negative emotions each day, or spend an entire day clearing your soul completely.

You don’t need any “cleaning products” to do this big cleaning in your mind.

You can simply use techniques such as meditation, relaxation, or mindful breathing to control your anger and toxic thoughts.

You will then begin to notice that life is smiling at you and that you are smiling back at it. This feeling will reverberate through everything around you.


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