Fall In Love With Yourself

Fall in love with you

Fall in love with yourself. Treat yourself with affection, recognize your successes, and recognize that you know how to do things well. Take care of yourself and above all, do not forget yourself. You too are an important person. Don’t criticize yourself or at least don’t hurt yourself. Do you like to.

Good self-esteem increases feelings of well-being and positive emotions. In addition, it allows you to achieve greater efficiency in tasks and establish a more balanced link with others, making you gain autonomy and independence. For this and for many other reasons, it is important that you keep in mind this message: fall in love with yourself.

We show a lack of self-esteem

Since our earliest childhood, we have been taught personal care behaviors in relation to the physical aspect: we wash our teeth, wash ourselves, eat, dress ourselves … But what about psychological care and hygiene mental  ? Are we paying enough attention to it?

The cruel reality is that the majority of us suffer from a lack of self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem that results in feelings of lack of confidence and low self-esteem that prevent us from taking advantage of the opportunities that life gives us, in addition to our relationships. If we don’t love ourselves, we don’t take care of ourselves, and we don’t respect ourselves… How are others going to do it?

lack of self-esteem

Why are we boycotting ourselves?

The ‘self-punishment is one of the worst ways that we have to treat us personally. In addition, we tend to use it daily and sometimes even without realizing it. Destructive criticism increases our suffering, our addiction and our vulnerability.

Sometimes we build walls and put up barriers in front of us that prevent us from being well because we do not know how to face, and also not accept the suffering. We hide from everything, even from ourselves. Uncertainty scares us and the unexpected terrifies us.

By self-boycotting ourselves, we are actually looking for someone who is able to save us from ourselves. It is a vicious cycle in which the sadder we are because of our supposed uselessness, the more we need the attention and praise of others.

We are wrong. Happiness is not found on the outside, but on the inside. We often make a mistake in thinking that others will make us happy or in thinking that buying things will make us happy. What will make us really happy is being in tune with ourselves.

personal care

The importance of personal care

Taking care of yourself is about valuing yourself, appreciating yourself and accepting yourself. This is an important aspect that signals our way of socializing with others and with ourselves.

Oscar Wilde already said, “To love oneself is the principle of an eternal love story”. If we don’t take care of ourselves, if we don’t have priority in our eyes, no one will do it the way we need to. In fact, many people depend on other people to be happy, and in reality that is why they are empty.

Self-care is a fundamental trait that every human being must cultivate. It solidifies our autonomy and gives us the tools to face life in a healthy way and adapt to it.

Without adequate mental hygiene, it will be difficult for us to achieve our goals, remaining reduced to our self-realization. Moreover, the lack of it leads us to self-punishment and destructive criticism. We need to value ourselves, enjoy our company, and strive for ourselves.

self esteem

Loving ourselves is the first step to take in order to meet all our expectations, and not the other way around, to meet our expectations in order to love ourselves. This self-demanding reasoning leads us to the destructive criticism that punishes us. We only create ourselves as deserving of our affection when we achieve our goals. But we don’t realize that without self-esteem we will never be able to achieve our goals.

For that, fall in love with yourself and everything else will go off without a hitch. You have to love yourself first to do any action in this world.

Remember, fall in love with yourself, be your main companion. Your support and your shoulder. Loving yourself is the unmistakable path to happiness.

The danger of loving without loving yourself
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