Estimate Who Is Spending Your Time, Because They Will Never Get It Back

Estimate who is spending your time, because they will never get it back

We have a bad habit of not valuing the time that others devote to us.

A conversation, a hug, a smile, a “how are you?”, A “I’m doing this because I know you like it” or just an accompanying gesture.

There are thousands of daily acts that the people around us do that we don’t showcase enough.

The seconds, hours, or minutes you spend don’t need to come from loved ones, friends, or spouses.

The time of strangers is also important when for example, thanks to them, the day can start with a smile because they are full of joy and they give us the little boost we need.

The greatness of people is found in these small details but with considerable effects and affects. 

I value the seconds of listening, support and esteem that others give me because they give me a part of their life. They know that sharing time is giving life.

The great value of time


It is said that a traveler crossing a desert encountered a pensive Arab sitting at the foot of a palm tree, next to his loaded camels.

The traveler assumed he was a valuables dealer and was heading to the nearby town to sell his jewelry, perfumes, and rugs.

As it had been a while since he had spoken to anyone, he approached the pensive walker and said:

– My friend, you seem very concerned. Can I help you ?

– Ah! – replied the merchant – I feel sad because I just lost the most precious jewel of all…

– The loss of a jewel surely does not mean much to you. You wear a lot of it on your camels and you can surely replace it easily.

– Replace her? – exclaimed the merchant – If it were that simple! You don’t know the value of my loss …

– What is this jewel that you lost? – asked the traveler.

– A jewel like no other, that we can never remake. It was carved from a piece of real life stone in the workshop of time. Its ornaments consisted of 24 shiny pieces, grouped around sixty smaller ones… It is impossible to reproduce a jewel with similar characteristics.

– It must have been very precious then – said the traveler – But with a lot of money, couldn’t you find one like it?

The lost jewel was a day… and a day that is lost is never found… ” 

After reading this tale, ask yourself the following questions: What is a day for you? What does your time mean?

One minute is enough to leave an indelible mark on a person’s heart, choose what to do or take advantage of what happens.

The important thing is to be aware of the present moment and to enjoy it with the people you want and in the way you want, knowing how to value the dedication of others to you.

While lost money can find its way back, lost time never returns.

Don’t waste or spend your time complaining because you failed to take advantage of it when possible.

From now on, take advantage of it and value it as one of the most precious possessions that exist.

Time is not required, it is chosen

There are people who are not able to perceive the efforts that others make to make their routine more pleasant, to give color to their gray days or to simply be present.

There are people for whom the time of others goes unnoticed, others who value it as if it were a treasure and still others who demand the time of others as if it were theirs.

Each of us is free to devote our time to whomever we want. Let us not forget that the minutes, hours and seconds are fragments of our life and that no one except ourselves has the power to decide what to do with them.


Devoting time to someone translates into: “you matter to me, I love you, I support you, I love your company and that is priceless and has no material equivalent”. Because to devote time is to devote life.

So, we must not demand from others a part of their time, and we must not beg those who think only of them.

Time cannot be bought, traded or sold.  Spending time with others is a choice that comes from within and allows us to connect emotionally with others. 

I take care of the people who devote time to me because they offer me “I love you” and “I love your company” encrypted but full of feelings.

Time is the beautiful gift that exists

Estimate who writes to you, who speaks to you, who listens to you, who does you service, who accompanies you or remembers you because he wants it, he feels it.

The people who give you time understand that this is the greatest thing they can give you because to do so is to speak the language of the heart.

Thank them because in addition to time, they offer you the opportunity to forge memories that will later awaken feelings of joy, nostalgia and esteem.

The best gift we can give to people who give us time is to value it and give them a part of ours.


If you translate the times that others spend with you into emotional language, you will understand that there is more to “I love you” and “you are important to me” than you think.

So, value every second that others give you because they give you the best gift there is: a part of their life.

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