Eat, Laugh, Love

Eat, laugh, love

We human beings are made of small pleasures of which we ourselves are the creators. We are surrounded by activity, whether we receive or generate.

We give these little maneuvers the name of “verbs”. The verb is action, life, what moves the world (even if for some, what moves the world is love ).

The title of a book may contain only three verbs that, despite everything, it will not be difficult to guess the content.

The famous novel Eat, pray, love shows it, but the question we ask you today is: for you, what are the three verbs that would describe a fulfilled life?

Some would answer “ travel, work, dare”, while for others it could be “mature, forgive, know”, or even “make, plan, order”, and still others would tell us that three verbs, c ‘is too little, and one cannot reduce a whole life to just three words.

However, there is a verbal trio that could bring together states, action and protagonists and sum up a fulfilling life: eat, laugh, love. And that is precisely the theme of this article …


“I love simple pleasures, they are the ultimate refuge for complicated men”

-Oscar Wilde-


Beyond the fact that in order to survive, humans have no other choice than to eat, we can say that behind this verb hides a whole world of possibilities, going beyond flavors and textures. What can this verb bring us?

  • Experiment: humans are curious by nature. He likes to test, get closer, choose and discover.
    The curiosity is not lost, it turns and opted for different paths depending on how one matures.
    The culinary world offers us multiple opportunities to try, discard and experiment by going beyond what we already know and by daring.
  • Share: at the table or in the kitchen, we can find moments to “be” with others.
    Share moments, experiences, the pleasure of a conversation or the tranquility of silence. All this, around this verb.
  • Disconnect: use the philosophy of Mindfulness to try to connect to the present moment: to do this, food is a great ally.
    The variety of flavors, textures and temperatures can help us focus fully on when we eat.
  • Eat the world and the words : every morning repeat the phrase “I am going to eat the world”, and activate your forces.
    But also make mistakes, eat your words, dare, and if necessary, ask for forgiveness. It is by making mistakes that we learn.


Laughter has been scientifically proven to have many benefits. Here is, among other things, what the results of some medical research tell us:

  • Laughter has analgesic effects because it releases endorphins
  • It facilitates digestion
  • It improves breathing
  • It decreases insomnia
  • Thanks to its toning effect, it regenerates the skin

Laughter allows us to distract ourselves and forget about our problems for even a moment by interfering with negative thoughts ; one cannot have negative thoughts and positive thoughts simultaneously .

Laughing gives us confidence in ourselves in the face of others. It promotes the feeling of closeness with the person in front of us, and facilitates cooperation with others. It seems clear that genuine laughter and conflict cannot go hand in hand; laughter would prevent a predisposition to this type of situation, and reduce general aggressiveness.


Many people need other people to laugh. But, laughter does not depend only on external elements; self-mockery nourishes our resilient capacity, and ensures good mental health. How many times have you recounted a disastrous event in your life, only to laugh about it with your interlocutor?


How many times have we confined this verb to romantic, family and friendly relationships? In fact, if we look for the definition of the verb “to love”, this is what we can find:

  • Want or want to
  • To love, to show tenderness, will towards someone or something
  • Have the will or determination to do something
  • Solve, determine
  • Try, try
  • Be the next to be or check something

“To love”, in the broadest sense, collects verbs linked to the impulse to “live”, to express the present, to program the future, to appreciate the moment. And this is not only related to people, but also to books, to work, to travel, in short, to everything that in our eyes gives off a power of attraction, satisfaction and personal fulfillment.


“Man cannot feel comfortable without his own approval”

-Mark Twain-



Loving inspires us and motivates us to be creative, for others but also for ourselves. It allows us to move in a specific direction and pushes us to act. Showing love and allowing it to be manifested to us is what multiplies our senses and transports us to states and moments of happiness that cannot be compared to anything else.

Therefore, if someone asks me which three verbs I would like to see go with me in my life, I would choose to eat, laugh, and love. I find in them an infinite number of elements which breathe life into them, and which we can extend to all areas of our daily life. And you, which would you choose?


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