Don’t Yell At Me, I’m One Foot Deaf

Don't yell at me, I'm one foot deaf

Don’t yell at me, I’m one foot deaf and even if you raise your voice, I’m not going to obey you. I follow my path and sometimes I am wrong, but even if you cry, I will not slow down my steps: you will only show your lack of education.

You know what we say, it is not because we shout that we are right, on the contrary. You get less respect and more misunderstanding. We say that words are the best link for communication but we also say, let’s not forget, that when we raise the tone, they lose more value.

We scream because it’s an easy resource for getting attention, but in reality what we’re demonstrating is our lack of communication skills.

To reach a meeting point, better a “thank you” than a “please”, a reasoned expression, than cries that silence all kinds of reasons. Don’t yell at me, tell me, listen to me, be patient and help me learn from my mistakes. We learn from each other, don’t get lost in howling like we are wolves. We are not wild animals, we are rational beings.

The one who shouts seeks to attack with his combat weapon: the word

Don’t yell at me, attack me, use words without measure. Be aware that words, if they do not pass through the filter of reason, can poison an entire relationship. Be brave and speak up. Know that if you yell at me, there will be no meeting point because I will not enter your game.

Don’t intimidate me with your voice because I won’t listen to you. I’m going to run away from your screams like you’re not talking to me, because to talk to me you have to respect me first. And the keys to respect come first and foremost from the ability to listen and accept that not everyone thinks like you… and there will be questions about my world too.

There is no greater self-respect than when you ignore the disrespect that is imposed on you. If you want your attention, you have to deserve it, don’t give it to shouting all over the place.

If you don’t know how to communicate, if you feel that you are frustrated and anger is coming to your mouth before you can think about what you are saying, put yourself in my shoes and maybe you me. understand and stop screaming. If you don’t know how, I give you a tip: Dramas, labels, “you should” and “I’m always right” are not good relationship foods.

It also doesn’t help to keep the little things in themselves, only to then shout them out loud and with all the details. Don’t yell at me after a few days. Talk to me, show me, share with me what bothers you and so we can study the possible solutions. What belongs to us, because it is what belongs to us …

And if we don’t find a solution, it’s better to go our separate ways instead of using screams to express our pain. Don’t yell at me because that way we won’t learn anything. Don’t yell at me if you like me and love me.

If you wanna teach me manners, be my role model

Don’t tell me about your qualities, don’t sell yourself as an eternal victim or someone who suffers, show me what you want. Be a role model, not a provocateur. If you ask for something, it is better that it is something that you do and that you ask for it with respect. Remember that I accept the one who gives, not the one who demands without demonstrating anything.

Know that we are all wrong, that we are not perfect… But also that we learn, that we change and that we build things around us. Tell me about your fears, open your heart to me, let me understand you and thus change the cries into a “please”.

Let’s learn together, discover each other, don’t try to change ourselves, but try to be as we are, but with more respect. Don’t yell at me when you don’t like what I’m doing because if you love me, you accept me as I am. Don’t try to change me with screaming, because you’re only hurting. Don’t yell at me because I’m one foot deaf and even if you keep going, I won’t tell you where I’m going.

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