Doing Something Every Day That Scares Us

Do something everyday that scares us

Fear is one of those forces that causes us to undertake great defensive maneuvers  or to enslave ourselves. To build mechanisms to take care of ourselves and face danger, or to isolate ourselves and put a wall between the world and us. We must therefore look it in the face so that it does not get out of hand. Hence the following proposition: to do something every day that scares us.

It is very likely that the people who love us do not invite us to do so, in order to protect us. Indeed, these people generally tend to n e persuade him not to expose us, not to risk and  not trying r  confront fear.

They do so in good faith. Fear is not exactly a  pleasant feeling , although many people today become addicted to risk. Under normal conditions, we experience it as a concern that we seek to get rid of as quickly as possible. The downside is that this is how we also end up building lifestyles that cause us to stagnate.

Do something that scares us: leave our comfort zone

The comfort zone extends wherever we have everything easily under control. This is another way of naming the routine, the known, the familiar, which is why we stay where we are, without setting ourselves a challenge, without growing up, without moving forward.

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It is obviously very healthy to have comfort zones. Physical and emotional spaces that allow us to put worries aside,  not having to systematically make decisions and be able to enjoy the little things, with no more pretension than being quiet. These spaces are absolutely necessary to digest experiences, assimilate them and rebalance us.

Sometimes these spaces also function as protective bubbles that end up separating us from rewarding experiences . They act as shelters from which we never want to leave. They help keep fears at bay, even those that we should face and overcome in order to grow or minimize some suffering. This is the reason why when we propose to do something that scares us, we are simply asking to leave the comfort zones.

Fear is everywhere

Fear, in principle, is valid as a mechanism of preservation. When it grows excessively, it begins to invade the souls of people like weeds. It has its own dynamic: it feeds on itself. The fear tends to increase, to grow on its own. If we don’t put a limit on it, it can even increase disproportionately.

We all need a little fear to live, but we all run the risk of succumbing to it. Something that often goes unnoticed. We are afraid of public speaking and we build a life in which we never have to, or we avoid any situation that causes us to face it. It seems logical. What may not be logical is that we let opportunities small and big go by just out of fear.

This also happens with more relevant issues, such as suffering for example. suffer  and then give up a thousand beautiful life experiences in order to protect ourselves . Or, we fear loneliness and give up our freedom not to be exposed to it.

Do something that scares us

The central point is that there is no other way to overcome fear than to face it. Here, too, a dynamic begins to operate in which the more we face it, the more capable we feel and the more courageous we become. Courage also feeds on itself.

Also,  when we do something that scares us, we start to discover other sides of ourselves, which increases our confidence and self-esteem. It’s nice to be able to overcome our limitations. But there are obviously different levels in terms of fear. We cannot start with what terrifies us, because we may not be ready and instead of building up our courage we will end up being more afraid.

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That’s why it  can be effective to follow our suggestion to do something every day that scares us. And to do this, we can start with small fears. For example, if we are afraid of the dark, we can stay a few minutes in total darkness, and come out of this experience a little stronger. Or just walk for a while somewhere we don’t know and don’t trust us.

It is us and only us who know where to start. Will you try?


Courage makes us greater than fear
Our thoughts Our thoughts

Courage is not synonymous with blindness, but rather proof of intelligence in the face of danger.

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