Do You Know The 3 Types Of Self-esteem?

Do you know the 3 types of self-esteem?

Self-esteem is a very important factor if one wants to access a well-being of the mind. It is also a key part of relating to others in a positive and healthy way. Despite this, we do not all have the same self-esteem.

In this article, we’ll find out that there are 3 types of self-esteem that can define us.

This doesn’t mean that we can fit into one type because we know that sometimes we feel more euphoric, and other times more depressed. It all depends on what is going on in our life.

Find out what type of self-esteem is predominant in you. Which one characterizes you the most?

1. The “inflated” self-esteem

People who have “inflated” self-esteem believe in themselves better than others and do not hesitate to devalue the rest. This is a very negative self-esteem because it prevents them from forming healthy relationships.

The competition is always there and these people want to be above the others all the time. For them, happiness lies in achieving success, but in reality, they are not so happy.

“We are interested in realistic, healthy and positive self-esteem, but not vain and vain self-esteem”

Conceited people are characterized by being unable to listen to others and be self-critical. They are not able to correct their own mistakes and thus, they constantly make others feel guilty.

In addition, they tend to underestimate the rest of the people by adopting hostile behavior towards them.

These people find it very difficult to establish healthy relationships with others, and they still see their life as a competition.

Maybe behind this desire to always feel the best is an insecure person.

If a person has “inflated” self-esteem, is very superficial and materialistic, surely he suffers from false self-esteem.

2. High self-esteem

People who have high self-esteem accept and value themselves. It is an esteem which is recognized as being positive because it allows to make the person satisfied with his own life.

Self-confidence and the courage to face the problems that may arise in his life, make him see things in a much more serene way.

Self-confidence characterizes people who have this type of self-esteem. However, that doesn’t make them arrogant and they don’t feel better than others.

They only have the security necessary to prevent negative circumstances and events from destabilizing them.

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People who suffer from insecurity are characterized by an aggressive or passive attitude, difficulty in accepting other points of view, etc. This occurs especially in competitive contexts, in which insecurity becomes something impossible to face.

3. Low self-esteem

People who have low self-esteem are the opposite of those who have high self-esteem.

They don’t show off, they don’t feel capable, and the insecurity they may feel carries over to whatever situation they experience.

Fear of failure is something that torments them and blocks them.  They are the quintessential example of unhappy people.

People with low self-esteem have moments of euphoria when everything is fine with them, but when the going gets tough, their self-esteem drops very quickly.

They are very easily influenced and sensitive people, who tend to show their opinion without defending it. 

Some people have little self-confidence, underestimate themselves, and are so afraid of making a mistake that they continue to believe that they are not up to the occasion.

What type of self-esteem characterizes you the most?

Think of “inflated” or reliable self-esteem as self-esteem that still needs to be worked on. If you are one of those people who have high self-esteem, even if you have instability, that’s great!

You are close to achieving the happiness and satisfaction of a fulfilling life.

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