Do You Have A Balanced Personality?

Do you have a balanced personality?

The word “balanced” encompasses concepts such as maturity, responsibility, harmony and stability. Do you have all of this in your life? If so, you have a balanced personality.

People who do not have a balanced personality are generally unhappy. 

It goes without saying that events beyond our control can destabilize the life of everyone, however it is important to always come back to our balance, to know that whatever happens we are in harmony with ourselves.

A balanced personality is reflected in our conduct

A balanced personality must imperatively be a healthy personality. It is necessary that we understand this well if we want to avoid certain behaviors such as mistreatment of others, tyranny or narcissism.

When we are not in a period where we feel healthy and balanced, it reflects on our conduct. 

Everything in us becomes negative, and we reinforce this negativity by not knowing how to seek our own balance.

Balance is nothing static!


When we talk about balance, we are not talking about something perfect, or even something that would stand still or always stay in the same state. Balance is something else.

As people, we are constantly changing. As we move through our lives, we learn from our experiences, from the mistakes we make, from the people we meet, etc.

So,  there are different degrees of balance, because we are in motion, we are not static beings. The factors around us affect us and constantly cause changes in us.

What do you need to have a balanced personality?

What is needed to enjoy a balanced personality? Maybe you have already come to this point in your personal development, but you are not aware of it. Let’s see this together.

  • Do you know yourself well? It seems like an obvious question, but a lot of people don’t know themselves.
    Take some time for yourself, to reflect on your character and your personality without anyone with you.
  • Be balanced between your heart and your head, this means that you should not be too cold or distant, or on the contrary too sensitive.
    You must be able to deal with both affection for others and reason.
  • Heal your past wounds! Living day to day with this pain, with something that we can never fix will only throw us off balance in the present.
    Learn from the past, and keep moving forward into your future.
  • Have a realistic life plan. Who do you want to become? What are your goals ? Everything you have in mind must be achievable, even though we have no idea when they will happen!
    Remember, if you know what you want, you will feel happy and balanced.
  • What about your willpower? An unwavering will, a sense of determination, perseverance and confidence are all character traits that will make you a balanced person.
    It is true that getting there is not easy, which is why self-confidence is an essential element that you must strengthen at all costs to get there.
  • Be consistent! If your life is full of inconsistencies, the chances are that all of this is unsettling you. Therefore, your personality will not be balanced.
    Live in coherence, be coherent, and you will see things with much more clarity, you will finally be a balanced person!
  • Does your life have meaning?
    If your life is meaningless, you may not be a balanced person.
    Remember that your life must have meaning, you must have a reason to get up every morning. What motivates you ? Think about it …
balanced person

If you find yourself in this description, congratulations! You have a balanced personality, and if you’re not happy don’t worry, you are close to being!

On the contrary, if you don’t recognize yourself in any of these points, it’s time to start changing. Your balance is in your hands, grab it!

Balance requires a healthy relationship with yourself

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is fundamental to having a balanced personality. In addition,  you have to be tolerant, respect yourself and enjoy the little simple things that life brings to you every day.

In fact, it is rather easy to feel in harmony with yourself, to find that inner peace that some call “happiness”.

In addition,  it is not only our relationship with ourselves that should be healthy, but also our relationships with others. 

If you feel good with yourself, it will show up in your personal relationships with your family, friends, coworkers, or your spouse.

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