Bore-out Syndrome: The Other Side Of Burnout

Bore-out syndrome: the other side of burnout

What is bore-out syndrome?

Bore-out syndrome is a phenomenon that at first glance may seem quite harmless. Having little work or few responsibilities, to the point of not knowing how to fill the day at work, is the dream of some people. People who accumulate precarious jobs or who suffer from the aforementioned syndrome of burnout, can indeed dream of having hours of idleness during their working day.

However, what many people ignore is that this situation of deep boredom can also affect those who suffer from it psychologically. Lack of goals, disinterest and frustration set in quickly when this syndrome kicks in, and in the long run, can create depression, listlessness, and trouble concentrating.


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This chronic feeling arises from a lack of planning, from the monopolization of the most interesting tasks by others, from overqualification or from limits when it comes to innovating. Many professionals are not valued or recognized in their work by their superiors. This situation gives them the impression that whatever they do, their work will not be taken into account. It can then make them feel completely useless and no longer perform their few remaining tasks satisfactorily.

Jobs based on monotonous tasks usually give rise to such scenarios, here we are talking about assembly lines and logistics warehouses, for example. To do the exact same work, for hours, without any variation, beyond being perfectly boring, is totally counterproductive.

How to prevent bore-out syndrome?

Bore-out syndrome can be prevented when companies decide to take the right measures. The mental health of employees is fundamental to enable efficient performance of the tasks they have to perform. Ignoring their needs, devaluing them and not paying attention to their initiatives and suggestions is the best way to degrade everyone’s work environment.

There are a number of factors that you need to pay special attention to in order to prevent the situation from escalating. Focusing on these factors, studying them and finding adequate solutions for them is essential to eradicate this psychological disorder. If the company does not want to invest time in solving these problems, nothing prevents workers from looking for alternatives themselves, even if it is always more difficult to act alone.


Practice an extra-professional activity

It is strongly recommended to properly segment professional and personal life, whatever our activity. At the end of our day, we need to disconnect and do activities that we love and that motivate us. Some of the most popular options are playing sports, doing theater or yoga, going to the movies or going out with friends. Reading is also an ideal pastime, which allows us to escape from our reality. We are human beings and we need distractions to enjoy good mental health. Try to do healthy activities and don’t fall for alcohol or drugs.

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Speak with a specialist

If you notice that you need outside help to get out of this situation, speak with a specialist. Psychologists and psychiatrists are there to take care of your mental and emotional health. They can help you discover adequate relaxation techniques, they will listen to your problems and support you in finding solutions.

You don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. One session per month, for example, can do you more good than you imagine.

Define a list of goals

Defining a list of short and long term goals can go a long way. Think about all the things you want to achieve in a short time and project yourself into the dreams you want to achieve in the more distant future. Think, make connections, and make decisions to achieve your goals.

Some of the goals you are going to set may not be achievable, but others are not. Effort and consistency always go hand in hand with luck, the latter appearing when it has to. Make sure you are ready to grab it when it comes.


Talk to your superiors

If you see that they are unaware of the situation, try speaking with them. If you make your point clear to them and they listen to you, you can generate positive change. Try to be kind and not to demand. Simply and quietly explain your point of view on your personal situation.

In the worst case, the situation will remain the same, but you will at least have the satisfaction of trying. And this is already a lot, because to remain without doing anything, for fear of an answer, will only make your condition worse. Have the courage to fight for your fundamental rights as a worker.


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