Bad Days Come By Themselves, But Good Days Take Effort

Bad days come on their own but good days take effort

This morning I woke up overwhelmed  by all the things I had to do, even before my alarm clock went off. I have great responsibilities today. I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I can have.

Today I can complain because it is raining, or I can be thankful that the plants are watered. Today, I can feel sad because I have no more money, or I can be happy because my finances force me to spend my expenses in a smart way.

Today I can complain about my health, or I can be thankful that I am alive. Today, I can lament anything my parents told me when I was growing up, or I can be grateful that they allowed me to be born. 

Today I can cry  because roses have thorns, or I can celebrate that thorns have roses. Today, I can take pleasure in not having friends, or I can embark on an adventure that will allow me to meet new people.

Today I can complain because I have to go to work, or I can be overjoyed at having a job. Today I can complain because I have to go to school, or I can decide to open my mind to fill it with new and interesting knowledge.

Today, I can bitterly whisper  that I have to do the housework, or I can be honored that I have a roof to protect my body and mind.

Today, the day that presents itself in front of me is waiting for me to give it shape, because I am its sculptor. 

What happens today is up to me, I am the only one who can choose what kind of day I will live. 

I wish you a great day… unless you have other plans. ”

Text attributed to the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti

Today is a great day to smile

We can all decide if we want to live a great life, or a simpler life, if we want to have a good day, or a great day.

No matter how much time we have spent in mediocrity, we can always change our path. It’s never too late to find your way.

Stephen covey

We all know bad days come on their own, but you have to look for the good times. Getting off the right foot is all about responsibility.

Good days are the ones we create, or they don’t exist.

If you didn’t have a good day yesterday, try to have a better one today. 

Don’t think you’re guilty of the bad times, you’re not at all. Life is an accumulation of circumstances that litter your path with thorns, not roses.

Accept and assume that having a good day is all about attitude.

You are the only one who can create the scenario in which you are going to participate. You can avoid getting angry all the time, being rude or bitter. You can choose not to postpone things overnight.

Even though some days can be tricky, you can still do a kind gesture to your loved ones, you can go for a walk or exercise, and you can try not to think negatively anymore.

You can accept life as it comes, without wanting to face it and without struggling with your emotions.

Ultimately, imagine that today can be a great day, and try to create opportunities for it to be.

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