Any Change Is Good As Long As It Takes Us In The Right Direction

Any change is good as long as it leads us in the right direction

More than once have we thought of having built a cozy home where we could control everything when suddenly the alarm went off: little red lights that encourage us to move in order not to stay behind. stop, not to stagnate any longer. It’s a very special way in life to test our emotional balance in the face of change.

Because what is certain  is that change awaits no one, it coexists with us and requires constant reactions. In fact, at first, it always generates in us a kind of discomfort to which we have difficulty adapting: we are not used to its calls, even if it has been with us since our birth.

“We don’t bathe twice in the same river,

We do not enter the same body twice,

We don’t get wet twice in the same death ”

-Óscar Hahn-

Since nothing that exists remains in time indefinitely, it is important that we know that everything is perishable: everything evolves, opposes, overlaps or transforms. So all we have to do is learn to be in harmony with change and find the tools that will allow us to be the best prepared for the future.

Change can inconvenience us

Perhaps what impresses us most about change is its arbitrariness and uncertainty, as there is always a dose of uncertainty in it. In other words, we cannot know in advance its duration, nor its results, nor the energy that we are going to deploy so as not to get lost in it.


In addition,  change bothers us because, most of the time, it remains out of our reach, without our being able to avoid it:  we do not have the privilege of always deciding to want to stay as it is. we are, even if we are well. On the other hand, there are decisions that will change your life, but there will also be lives that will change your decisions without your realizing it.

“Why should we fear change? The whole of life is a change.

Why do we have to fear him?

-George Herbert-

As a result, to assimilate it in the best possible way: without forgetting that, in any case, there is nothing wrong with change as long as it guides us, on the path, in the right direction .

The change that makes us happy

As I reflected on what the changes entail, I recalled a conversation that takes place in The Lion King cartoon. In the first part of the video that follows, old Rafiki says that to  change is a good thing even if it is not easy  and even if it sometimes means facing a painful past.

It is true that there are times which affect us a lot and which are necessary for us to grow and be stronger. However, there are also times that make us happy: it is good to take risks to keep moving forward, to seek other goals, to recognize your faults and to change your principles, etc. Change can be positive.

The right direction is always in front of you

You are mistaken if you look behind yourself, thinking that you belong to where you are no longer. You are also mistaken if you have created a cloud in the future and if you do not descend from it to forge your present. You are making a mistake if you do not keep in mind that  the correct direction is in the “here” and “now”, always looking ahead.

“Life isn’t waiting for you in a corner, it is happening now. It is not in the future, as a goal to be reached, it is here and now, right now, in your breathing, in your circulating blood, in your beating heart. Every little thing makes your life and if you start looking for meaning in another place, you will lose it ”



If you are experiencing a profound change (one that shakes up everything inside a person and everything in close proximity), embrace it fearlessly. Look straight in the eye at the possible exits the maze you are in and locate a corner where you will feel safe again:  just own it and take it as a challenge.

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