Amidst Chaos, Calm

In the midst of chaos, calm. In the midst of the fear and the murmur that accompany uncertainty and panic, calm. Only a focused and relaxed mental approach can allow us to harness our psychological strengths. It’s time to wake up and use them.
Amidst the chaos, the calm

It is not easy to live in the midst of chaos. It’s not easy to keep your balance when the onslaught comes. When the wind swirls through your hair and whispers in your ear messages of fear that taste of uncertainty.

We are designed to anticipate, to react emotionally and cognitively in a rush when panic strikes. However, the ideal in the midst of these scenarios is to stay calm.

In the field of psychology and sociology, we have already concluded that the word of the year for this year 2020 will undoubtedly be “fear”. Current events already show all the kaleidoscope that this term contains.

It includes a broad spectrum, from the most irrational behaviors to the most integrative reactions. Those who assume fear, but choose to face it by adopting proactive behaviors to provide a solution to a problem.

Psychiatrist Karl Augustus Menninger emphasized that fears can be educated and that is where we take the strongest action. It seems easy to say. Yet performing it is probably the most complex and traumatic act for humans.

Because when chaos knocks on the door and robs us of our calm, the spirit is unleashed. What is even more dangerous is that it infects others to the point of making fear an enemy of extraordinary dimensions.

In these contexts, calm must germinate. This dimension can also be formed because, after all, fear itself, anxiety, and irrational behavior is just another virus that we can learn to contain.

A woman trying to fight the chaos by calming herself down

In the midst of chaos, we must take a mental approach based on calm

We have come to a point where we are (metaphorically) fed up with the “bad news”. Television, radio, our social networks… Disturbing data, disturbing facts and negative messages outweigh the positive.

Moreover, on average, negative news is always shared before encouraging news. We do this without even applying the precautionary filter. Sometimes without evaluating whether these facts are true or not.

Of course, it is true that we have the right to know, that information is power and that we must be in touch with immediate reality. But there is a moment when the circumstances and certain facts are interpreted as overwhelming and a feeling of helplessness is suddenly aroused. Not knowing what might happen tomorrow is probably what scares us and limits us the most.

We are creatures used to being in control of their immediate reality (or at least thinking that we have it). Suddenly experiencing that we are in the midst of chaos, that what we took for granted yesterday is uncertain today or is no longer there, hurts and disturbs us.

What can we do under these circumstances?

Calm is an attitude and it comes when you accept that you cannot control everything

In a context of uncertainty, anxiety increases. To this is added another factor: our environment, the information we receive, the people around us transmit their emotions, their fears to us … Nothing increases anxiety as much as the fact of not knowing, as the uncertainty itself.

For example, it is much worse not to know if we are going to lose our job than to be sure that we have lost it. The brain acts differently. It is therefore necessary that we learn to tolerate uncertainty.

We have to assume that while we may not have control over some things, we have control over how we choose to respond to them. This is the key.

  • Acting calmly is the best attitude. It is the mental approach by which we can respond in the wisest, most reasonable, and most appropriate way by giving the best of ourselves.
Butterflies in the mind representing the absence of chaos

Purify the mind: eliminate catastrophic thoughts

In the midst of chaos, catastrophic thoughts don’t help us, they sink us. In the midst of difficulties, a scenario of doubts or problems, the spirit must be our ally. And not this adversary who slows us down at every step.

It is therefore vital that we are able to “cleanse” from our daily attention the thought which hinders, which breeds fear and which, instead of helping us find a solution, adds one more problem.

Let’s be aware of these issues and eliminate negative internal dialogue. Calm must be this beacon capable of guiding us in the dark.

Amidst the chaos… who do you choose to be?

Answering who we want to be in difficult times can help us in the midst of chaos. The hero or the victim? Whoever helps or worsens the situation? Someone to be proud of or a character who chose to be still and panicked?

You choose, you decide what trail and what imprint you are going to leave in these days when we are obliged to give the best of ourselves.

In crisis scenarios, calm is this companion capable of blazing calmer and more successful paths. With him in hand, we see things more clearly in order to know how to react, to be proactive and responsible.

It’s time to activate it. It is time that in a present of changes and uncertainties, we acted together with serenity, intelligence and aplomb.

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