A Journey Of Maturity Through Your Memories

If you are used to meditating, making this trip will be that much easier for you.
A journey of maturity through your memories

When we talk about emotional immaturity, we are talking about a lack of development in the emotional field. So, consider emotional maturity as a process that requires development; the stimulus that the relationship itself with emotions and learning provides.

It is possible to stimulate this emotional maturity by working on our memory and its most authentic content: our memories.

Right now, given the huge amount of material we have on this topic and the recent generation, we may feel a bit overwhelmed. You might think,  “I want to improve the management of my emotions; but where do I start? Who should I watch out for? Well, today we bring you a good way to start this journey: simple and valid for all.

A journey of maturity

If you want to achieve this journey of maturity, we recommend that you enter a state of meditation. This is precisely what some therapists do during their consultations. For this you can sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

In the rest of this article,  we will visualize the course of this path. There may be a lot of flowers, leaves or a barren path. The important thing is that you examine everything you see, that you become aware of the air that caresses your skin and the sun that warms it.

At the end of the road, you will see a small hut with a door. You will enter it and will discover a few steps which go down, which you will take. There are 3 floors.

maturity journey

The Hall of Bad Memories

On the first floor there will be a door and, next to it, an elderly person. She will look at you smiling and give you an instruction: you will have to choose one of the memories that she will present to you. These memories will all point to experiences that marked you negatively.

The options are various. You will examine them carefully, and when you have chosen a memory, you will exit the room.

Certain negative memories are experiences that have made a strong impression on us, which explains certain problems or blockages that arise in the present.

The positive memories room

You will continue down the stairs and access the second floor, where you will find another doorman and another door. You will cross it and then arrive in the room of positive memories.

There you will observe all the memories that will be there and you will choose the one that interests you the most or that has the most meaning for you. Then you will leave the room, greet the doorman and continue down the stairs.

Your refuge, the last resort of the journey of maturity

You will then arrive at the top floor. There you will find … a door, which will lead you to an idyllic place. For each person, it will be different. Nature ? The snow ? Animals ? It is a place where you will be comfortable and which will generate a lot of peace  in you.

You will lie on your back, in the center. At that time, you will bring out the memories previously collected. You will analyze them closely until you realize that both are part of your story.

Once this state of peace is reached, you will take one last look and come back to where you came from. Along the way, you will place each memory in its room, with the emotion it will have aroused in you. You will go out and reopen your eyes.

maturity journey

Accept your story

This journey of maturity through memories aims to bring you to accept what has happened to you, to integrate it, and to help you deal with your emotions. It doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 40 years old. Your emotions can still be those of that injured 8 year old who suffered so much at the time.

This is why we strongly advise you to take this maturity journey whenever you need it. If you are already used to meditating, then this trip will be very easy to do because you will have no trouble letting yourself go.

Finally, remember that if you need help, you have every right to ask for it. Psychologists are at your disposal to accompany you with exercises like this and many others to grow taller and solve whatever is still hurting you today.


The value of memories
Our thoughts Our thoughts

The value of positive memories is an element of stability, a refuge that has the extraordinary capacity to protect us.


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