7 Mayan Proverbs To Enhance The Present

Discover the ancient wisdom of the Mayan civilization through proverbs still valid today.
7 Mayan proverbs to enhance the present

Humanity has always been a source of wisdom. If we look at the ancient Mayan proverbs, for example, we find small doses of intelligence whose validity has not gone out of fashion at any time in history.

You cannot judge a people, a race or a civilization without doing a basic economic exercise. In other words, we cannot – it would be very unfair – judge by the facts and deeds of the past. Among other things, because the influence of the context on what we do or say is very great.

However, the more we study history, the easier it is to find small lessons in the form of proverbs, fables or sayings which, due to their association with the human species as such, do not go out of fashion.

So, from an anthropological point of view, we cannot say that “the past was better” in a resounding way. However, we find little capsules of wisdom that allow us to better live our present.

Mayan proverbs about the present.

Mayan proverbs are still relevant today

The Mayan civilization still hides many mysteries from us. This thousand-year-old people who lived in what is now Mexico, concentrated a good part of their wisdom in their proverbs.

These are great testimonials that we have put together here in this article, because the way they saw the world can help us understand how we operate today.

Look towards you

This proverb is as simple as it is eternal and powerful. No matter how many years have passed, if we want to know what we really are like, we have to look at ourselves in a mirror.

In a physical mirror, we will see our physique. In an internal mirror, we will observe what our mind and our being are hiding.

Use logic

This Mayan proverb makes so much sense, and yet we often get around it. In a basket with holes, corn, rice and other foods will inevitably fall out of the basket. So why do we sometimes insist on impossibilities, knowing their lack of viability?

Psychology gives us a reason. She tells us that sometimes we embark on projects that we cannot complete, compared to others that are truly a challenge in our measure, so as not to hurt our self-esteem in the event of failure.

Think what you are going to do, one of the still relevant Mayan proverbs

This Mayan proverb is almost as old as life itself. If you do not want to regret your actions and their consequences afterwards, first think about what you are going to do or say and analyze the possible reactions, in order to avoid possible problems.

Everything has the value it has

It is one of those Mayan proverbs that is strongly reminiscent of many proverbs.

Everything has its value, and while some may have us believe that something is worth more than it actually is, everything is worth what it’s worth and costs what it costs.

The truth

When a person doesn’t get straight to the point when talking about a specific topic, it may mean that they are lying. The Mayans have warned of individuals who make dialectical detours to hide what may be real and which it does not wish to reveal.

Mayan proverbs about the present are numerous.

One of the Mayan proverbs about consistency at work

Consistency and encouragement are the best medicine for making work work as it should and for achieving goals.

Criticism and self-criticism

In other words, before you criticize others and talk about what others are doing, first take a look at what you are doing, as sometimes it is more beneficial to be silent, especially when it comes to giving negative criticism.

You have just discovered seven of the many Mayan proverbs that this wise society has used to explain its present. Without a doubt, the Mayans were people capable of analyzing their civilization and their people. They were able to highlight it in this rich heritage which has survived to the present day without losing its relevance.

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