7 Keys To Aging And Staying Healthy

7 keys to aging and staying healthy

Statistics tell us that the number of people over 100 is increasing. So we can ask ourselves the following question: what can we do to reach old age with the best possible health? Ultimately,  what are the keys to aging and staying healthy?

There are different factors that act as keys to providing an answer to this question:  the genetic heritage of each individual, the lifestyles we adopt and the social environment in which we live.

7 keys to aging and staying healthy

Today  we have a greater longevity than our ancestors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), our life expectancy is higher and higher, and here are the points that favor it: personal habits, living conditions and advances in the fields of medicine and pharmacology.

grow old and stay healthy

The importance of genetics

Having good genes is a deciding factor if we are talking about our resistance when it comes to contracting diseases. If in our family there is no history of hereditary diseases and if our ancestors died when they were already old, genetics will work in our favor.

A good genetic history promotes the chances of living longer,  having better bone structure, having skin with fewer wrinkles, or having greater emotional control that prompts us to behave in a determined way.

We don’t all age at the same rate

Biological age does not always coincide with chronology. For example, during high school alumni reunions, we can observe how the passage of time has been more lenient with some of our former comrades.

Aging is a personal experience influenced by external and internal factors. These condition our form of life and will mark our old age. The result is reflected in our physical appearance but also our emotional state.

Healthy diet and other nutritional needs

Food must be healthy and balanced. Unless our family doctor “forbids” us certain foods, it is advisable to eat a variety of foods in which there are abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates: cereals, breads, pasta or rice (whole, if possible ), dairy products and fish. Less fat, sugar and industrial baking.

eat well to age and stay healthy

Physical exercise: get moving!

It is never too late to start exercising and thus avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Strength, flexibility and balance  are the three pillars on which our health is built: by maintaining them, we will increase our chances of aging in a healthier way.

Getting into the habit of walking, dancing or playing a specific sport helps us maintain an adequate body weight, reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, strengthens self-esteem and increases feelings of good. -be personal.

Hygiene and physical appearance

Proper personal hygiene is basic for aging and maintaining good health. Cleanliness and hydration are the main goals. Daily showering, hair care, oral hygiene and the appearance of our clothes directly affect the personal image.

Taking care of one’s physical appearance increases self-esteem and strengthens the attitude of self-care. Remember, the image we show to others is like our presentation card.

Social life: get out of your house!

Retirement, the departure of children or the death of friends and family can lead to  a lonely life and very often lead to social isolation.

Staying active, registering for classes or workshops, being part of an association  or going to any meeting center promotes well-being, improves self-esteem and helps us to age while maintaining good health .

stimulate your brain to age and stay healthy

Mental activity

Practicing number  games, crossword puzzles, memory tests, etc.  are simple techniques that help us train and tone our brains. The will to continue to learn, to carry out intellectual activities or to motivate oneself to experiment new things makes that our mental capacities remain active until a very advanced age.

In a way,  to keep our cognitive abilities in good shape, we have to train them,  as if it were a muscle.

Healthy aging is a personal decision
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