7 Ingredients For Happiness

7 ingredients of happiness

The ingredients for happiness are not part of a magic recipe, but are the fruit of common sense. What we call “happiness” does not refer to a state of constant euphoria, but to a harmonious attitude towards reality, which brings us a certain inner peace and a good disposition towards life.

We all want to be happy, but we are not always able to define happiness exactly. Sometimes we think it all depends on getting something; a relationship, a material good, a job, etc. But the truth is that the ingredients of happiness are within everyone’s reach because they develop within us.

Thus, happiness is not obtained, and it is not lost either, because it is actually an attitude that is built. And for that, it is important to learn to see what makes it possible to adopt this said attitude. Here are the 7 ingredients of happiness that we all have access to.

1. Forgive ourselves: the first ingredient of happiness

We feel guilty for our mistakes and our failures. We also feel guilty for being in a certain way and not a specific one. This guilt is ultimately of no use to us. It only fulfills the following role: to convert us into sad and uncertain beings.

forgive oneself

The first of the ingredients of happiness is precisely to let go of guilt and thus learn to be the best of ourselves. This is impossible if we do not forgive ourselves and if we do not accept that making a mistake or making a mistake is something precious. This is indeed the main source of learning and growth.

2. Explore, experience the new

It is normal that we tend to build repetitive lifestyles, which avoid us constantly confronting the new. This helps us to feel stable and saves us a huge expenditure of emotional energy.

The problem is, if we eliminate the novelty from our life, sooner or later we will feel extinct and demotivated. In addition, we end up stagnating. We must always keep a place or a moment of exploration, to confront new things. This is undoubtedly one of the ingredients of happiness.

3. Perform physical and creative activities

Physical activity is more than a tool to keep us healthy. The impact of exercise on the mind and on the state of motivation is a fact. Happiness is also a topic of neurochemistry and it is important to be aware of this. Regular exercise largely prevents negative motivational states.

creative activity

Something similar happens with creative and recreational activities. Human beings need to give rise to their expression, to their imagination and to their creativity. If we deprive ourselves of these dimensions, we will hardly feel happy.

4. Simplify life

Another of the main ingredients of happiness is learning to simplify your life. It really comes down to understanding what is really important and what is not. This makes it possible to know how to dedicate time to what is really important and not to waste time in unimportant situations.

Simplifying our life is also about learning to find effective solutions so that we don’t fill ourselves with unnecessary problems. Clear the path of small obstacles, in order to have the sufficient vitality that big challenges need.

5. Learn to moderate impulses

One of the ingredients of happiness is spontaneity. On the other hand, it should not be confused with letting any expression that emerges in us express itself. Self-control requires effort, but the harvested fruits are very pleasant.

auto control

Currently, anyone has access to meditation techniques. It’s a wonderful way to learn to deal with our emotions, so that they don’t turn into an invasive force. We are certainly happier when we are more able to act sensibly and not impulsively.

6. Discover and maintain constructive friendships

Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds in life. This is the case because it is something free and spontaneous. Genuine friendships are born from affinity. They are received and given by decision personally. There is no compromise and they are maintained over time by a totally free and personal will.

The fact that friendship is a treasure has been said thousands of times. And we repeat it because it is. Friends help to reaffirm us, to know us, and to value us. They teach us to listen and to show solidarity. They are a great company in an infinity of moments. Without a doubt, friends are one of the ingredients of happiness.

7. Be right with ourselves and be grateful

To be correct with ourselves is to accept ourselves, to tolerate our faults, to forgive ourselves as we mentioned before. It also means taking care of ourselves, protecting ourselves, not stopping recognizing our successes and motivating ourselves in bad times. Let us constantly remind ourselves that we have the right to be happy.

be grateful

Gratitude is a wonderful virtue because it ends up generating great benefits for those who experience it. Only those who value the good things in their life can be thankful. And those who know how to value this are happy. By being grateful, happiness increases.

The ingredients of happiness are being built. They do not fall from the sky, nor are they by chance in a corner of our life. It is a wonderful truth. It allows us to think that we are all ourselves, and no one more, we are the owners of our destiny.


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