7 Essential Books On Emotional Intelligence

7 essential books on Emotional Intelligence

Books on Emotional Intelligence are still a very useful and enriching resource for strengthening our personal knowledge, improving the management of universal emotional complexes and enjoying more satisfying interpersonal relationships. Because very often, having a high intelligence quotient is not enough to be happy: intelligence goes beyond a simple result of a test.

We are aware that the theme is not new. We have all heard of this concept before, and we have all more or less read or delved into it. On the other hand, even though two decades have passed since Goleman popularized the term with his bestselling Emotional Intelligence, we could say that we lack knowledge of the principles of this theme in our daily environment. In other words, we are talking more about something known than something applied, more revered than worked.

We would like to perceive emotional intelligence in our workplace, with colleagues trained on the subject and having strong emotional skills. We would also like that in the different sections of the curriculum of each one, can appear in an adequate and real way the principles of Emotional Intelligence. The fact that our political leaders dominate the main pillars of this discipline would also be fascinating since we would all benefit from it.

We suffer from a lack of real Emotional Intelligence in many areas, and we even perceive personal deficiencies in our daily life, deficiencies and erroneous attitudes which participate in the increase of our anxiety, contributing to the appearance blockages and frustrations. The good news in the face of all this is that Emotional Intelligence can be learned, that our brain is always reactive when it has the possibility of accessing new approaches, new strategies and new capacities with which improve our quality of life and our social relationships.

A good way to learn it is to delve into the wide editorial range we have on the subject. So, below we will try to help you by presenting you the books on Emotional Intelligence that we think are the most interesting.

Daniel Golement Emotional Intelligence

1) The Emotional Intelligence of Daniel Goleman

It is impossible to begin a list of works dealing with Emotional Intelligence without referring to this book which was the starting point of an authentic revolution in the field of psychology, personal growth, leadership or ‘education. We could safely say that everything changed slightly from 1996, when Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and New York Times journalist specializing in subjects on the science of the brain, told us without going through four paths “that our vision of the ‘human intelligence was quite narrow’.

Human beings actually have a wide range of essential capacities in life, which represent Emotional Intelligence, the best tool to achieve happiness and social success. This book is one of the essential works on Emotional Intelligence in order to understand its principles, these keys which will undoubtedly invite you to constant reflection …

2) Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Imagine that we have already read several books dealing with Emotional Intelligence. So let’s imagine that we understand the key concepts, that we have deepened the aspects concerning its usefulness, its benefits and the areas in which it can be applied. However, let us ask this question: “in what way can we develop it day by day?” “.

Throughout this book, we will have the opportunity to learn about a hundred methods of applying Emotional Intelligence with a very concrete goal: to improve our quality of life. To achieve this, the authors guide us in learning four essential skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and how to manage our social relationships.

The proposal is really interesting.

3) Psychocybernetics – How to Change Self-Image to Transform Your Life by Maxwell Maltz

This book has two peculiarities, the first is the year of its publication: 1960. The second is its author, Maxwell Maltz, one of the most famous plastic surgeons around the world. This doctor, used to modifying the physical appearance of individuals in order to improve their own self-esteem or to reconstruct faces that have suffered from a traumatic accident, was aware that most of the time, it is not enough to be satisfied. by the reflection that we see in the mirror to be happy.

Another type of transformation is necessary, a transformation which takes its source in our interior, by the psychic and emotional essences specific to each one. Thus, long before Daniel Goleman spoke to us about Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Maltz laid down fabulous bases, in this essential and useful book, which was republished and brought out of oblivion after the development of this discipline.

Emotional intelligence

4) The 7 Habits of Those Who Do Everything They Do from Stephen R.Covey

This book has all the characteristics of a classic Emotional Intelligence book. It has over 25 million copies sold, and its main appeal is that it offers us a holistic approach on how to achieve success, happiness, and well-being.

Stephen Covey, a well-known teacher, speaker and entrepreneur, is above all about providing us with the resources and skills to become proactive, to improve our relationships, our security and our leadership all through Emotional Intelligence. In addition, he combined this theme with the very interesting concept of human dignity and the meaning of social justice.

5) Emotionnally Intelligent Parenting by Maurice J. Tobias, Steven E. and Friedl Elias

This is one of the most interesting and useful books on Emotional Intelligence if we have children at home or if for example we want to dedicate ourselves to the world of education. Through the pages of this book, we will learn to communicate a little better with our little ones. At the same time, we will build a more rewarding relationship with them in which we can teach them strategies and skills to improve their relationships with others.

Maurice Elias, Steven Tobias and Brian Friedlander Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, book to educate in Emotional Intelligence

It is a very educational option that invites reflection, which places us in very real situations and where sometimes, adults can feel a little without resources when facing outbursts of anger, conflicts between brothers. and sisters, or with our children’s classmates … This is, as we say, a very useful option that can always be enriched by rewarding reading.

6) The resonant leadership of Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee

Mark Twain once said that ”  he doesn’t know if the world is ruled by smart people who make us angry or by fools who talk seriously  .” Many of us have this same doubt, because sometimes our leaders, whether in the professional sphere or on the political level of small and large nations, do not seem to demonstrate adequate skills to lead us or even to inspire us.

This book invites us to these reflections. Because the authentic leader is not always distinguished precisely by his talent or by his technical knowledge. It may even be that we ourselves, in an attempt to achieve success, do not succeed. Although we find ourselves in a determined environment and leading a determined number of people, we may not be able to transmit enough energy and passion to them even despite our qualification and our technical skills …

We may lack the skills appropriate to the formation of an effective leader with whom to manage emotions and reinforce positive emotions within teams, that is to say, as Goleman explains to us, that we should create resonance. This book should always be on our desk: it inspires and it teaches.

7) A compass to choose your path from Elsa Punset

This book is a little delight no matter the moment, it helps in any situation and undoubtedly, will invite us to deepen a little more the subject of Emotional Intelligence. In this book, Elsa Punset, plunges us into a slightly more personal vision of the theme through her own experiences in the education of children and in the construction of her adult personality, and all the emotions and conflicts that arise. in this process.

More than a book, it’s a manual. A personal journey in which to calm the storm, in which any emotional sailor will grant him his own compass to find his north, his balance, his point of grace.

Elsa Punset A compass to choose your path, book on Emotional Intelligence

To conclude, it is possible that some of our readers regret the absence of certain books on emotional intelligence, any title that has been of great help to them in certain moments of their life and which undoubtedly, would have for them a great place in this list. On the other hand, in our path towards improving and perfecting our emotional skills, these titles are without doubt a good way to initiate oneself, to plant roots, to open our eyes from the heart.

Let’s not lose the opportunity to continue to grow, to move forward through more reading, more experiences and more opportunities to successfully develop our Emotional Intelligence.

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