6 Sentences To Reflect On Excellence

6 phrases to reflect on excellence

Few concepts are as complicated to understand and integrate as that of excellence. Excellence is a wonderful word, which “sells” a lot. But what does this really mean? What is its significance in our life? Is striving for excellence the same as striving for perfectionism? Does that mean being the best or doing things the best you can every day?

In reality, it is not just an operational or know-how issue. It goes much further. This is a question with a moral aspect that involves achieving the best performance under the given circumstances, seeking continuous improvement. For many, it is a question of quantifiable achievements, of acquiring skills. But, this concept does not cease to be much more: it reaches a spiritual level, of satisfaction and of personal development.

Excellence is not an act but a habit

Excellence is not an established or consensual level of quality or perfectionism. It is a constantly evolving dynamic, which is built through what we do on a daily basis. It’s not so much about being perfect at something – a respectable aspiration – but doing things the best you can every time. 

Striving for excellence in what we do takes effort and passion. The will and commitment to do things right and to put in an effort that helps us achieve great results.

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Excellence is a daily job

The pursuit of excellence never ceases, allows no break, allows no exceptions. Excellence requires daily work because it is based on our own values; the ones that test us every day, the ones we see in everything we do and in everything that happens. If something is important to us, it is best to work on it every day, no exceptions.

The motivation to achieve peak performance is often fueled by a thought:  there is the possibility of making a difference. In other words, there is a significant distance between what we would be able to do with minimal effort and what we would be able to do with more dedication.

The pleasure of doing things right

Focusing on excellence at work is one of the best ways to profit from it. An attitude at work based on this aspiration not only achieves good results, but is also rewarding for those who maintain it, personally and professionally.

When we know that we are doing something right, the feeling of joy that can accompany the activity is multiplied. And the more we do, the better the results and the more reinforcement we get.

Excellence is continuous research

We are talking about a process that rarely ends as long as there is a possibility of intervention. Plus, as we strive for excellence, our minds kind of stay young, excited, active. A constant reflection: we can always improve ourselves, in all areas of life, both personal and professional.

Thus, setting this personal bar high is the result of a concern for improving performance and optimizing results through the resources at our disposal. It is an outward expression of inner integrity, passion and a strong sense of making a real difference.

We have the opportunity to take this attitude in every job we do. Our skills and abilities or the resources or information available to us may be limits, but it is also customary for us to have a lot of leeway. Above all else, passion and commitment come into play here.

Many people struggle to be recognized, but not all do it adequately. In fact,  gaining recognition through excellence is the noblest way to achieve it. However, whoever achieves recognition in this way usually does not consider the latter to be as important as the optimal outcome.

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Take advantage of every little opportunity for excellence

Choosing such an attitude involves making an investment of faith, giving the talent the opportunity to see / identify an opportunity for improvement, it involves moving forward and looking for ways to improve every detail. . It is about action, not observation or reflection, although it may have its origin in the latter.

Moreover, choosing and maintaining this attitude is not easy. This can sometimes be very frustrating and painful  as the first results are often far removed from the expected results. Ultimately, excellence thus becomes an exercise in intelligence and patience that rewards those who possess sufficient resilience to overcome difficulties.

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