6 Pretty Phrases For Your Daily Life

6 pretty phrases for your daily life

We sometimes consider that only special dates are worth living intensely. This is a big mistake. Every day , however common it may be, can become extraordinary if we know how to embellish it with this attitude. The salt in this way of approaching existence, the flavor, can be pretty phrases that help us achieve it.

Many women and men who have passed on to posterity for their clarity of mind have managed to synthesize some essential aspects of their ideas  into small sentences. These are pretty and wise phrases that often act like lightning in the dark. They light the way to a new perspective.

A good selection of pretty phrases is very helpful when we have difficulty thinking adequately. Therefore,  we have chosen a few that stand out for their depth and wisdom. It is worth having them near us, to let their light reach us, especially when everything around us seems dark.

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1. Beware of certainties

Bertrand Russell was an English philosopher, Nobel Prize winner in literature. One of the brightest minds of the twentieth century. A great thinker who stated: ” j e n e never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong. “

Although Russell was never a radical pacifist,  this phrase is a true call for humility and tolerance. It reminds us that anyone can fall for the wrong beliefs and that, therefore, we should never have absolute certainty about what we think.

2. The difficulties and their contributions

Difficulties are the daily bread of life. Many thinkers have devoted pretty sentences in order to discern their outlines. CS Lewis, for example, says the following: “ Difficulties often prepare a normal person for an extraordinary destiny”.

This wonderful Irish writer reminds us that greatness is the daughter of difficulty. These are the problems that cause us to rise above ourselves, above what we have been. On the other hand, the peaceful life leads us to conformism.

3. We are that, one of the prettiest phrases

This selection could not forget Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher. With his relentless logic and his interest in ethics, he bequeathed to humanity many of the most universal aphorisms. One of them said: “ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act, but a habit. ”

A great reflection. Our mind may be filled with ideas, wonderful thoughts, but it  is our actions that define who we are. Repeated acts set in motion an inertia. And this inertia marks the nature and the quality of our lives. He thinks that living in an ordinary or lofty way is above all a habit that we cultivate.

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4. Indoor summer

Albert Camus has always been associated with existentialism and nihilism. However, the dimension of this thinker and writer is unclassifiable. Proof of this is one of the prettiest phrases he bequeathed to us: “ In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there is an invincible summer. ”

A great way to symbolize inner strength. He alludes to those pivotal moments when it is possible to recognize that, despite everything, there is  a life force that refuses to disappear. When there seems to be no reason to continue, this mysterious impulse arises which invites us to continue, to continue making our choices.

5. Forgetting, the virtue of the strong

Mahatma Gandhi is the author of beautiful and intelligent phrases that have permeated all cultures. His message is deeply coherent and constantly invites us to inner evolution. One of his pretty phrases says: “  The weak can never forget. Forgetting is the attribute of the strong  . ”

Gandhi was the most important representative of pacifism in history. Its peaceful resistance was not only a political position, but a model of life. For this reason, his message is crossed by the idea of ​​forgiveness and understanding. He  also showed the world another face of strength, which is perfectly represented in this sentence.

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6. The secret of everything

Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who spent part of his life as a slave in Rome. Despite this, he told himself that he obtained more respect among his contemporaries than Plato. Although he did not leave any written texts, many of his teachings were collected by others. Among them, the following: “  The secret is to maintain the company of people who bring us, whose presence brings out the best in us ”.

This is a simple statement that reminds you of the importance of surrounding yourself properly. Much of who we are, what we feel and think, is influenced by those around us. Hence the importance of choosing well.

All of these pretty phrases can be applied on a daily basis by anyone. El l es speak of human values and invite us to live more advanced. It is pure wisdom, compressed into small sentences.

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