5 Films To Improve Self-esteem In Children

Find out why cinema can be a great tool for children’s development and improved self-esteem.
5 films to boost children's self-esteem

Cinema is more than an art, it can be a valuable educational and training tool. Discovering films to boost children’s self-esteem  gives us the opportunity to show children that cinema is more than just entertainment.

A good film can move us, make us sad, entertain us, bore us. This is all due to the fact that this art continues to be a reflection of life itself. This is precisely where its formative power lies.

We know that children are “little sponges” which absorb any kind of knowledge. It is therefore interesting to make a good selection of films that help them get to know each other better.  These films will also help them gain confidence and develop as happy, assertive individuals.

Discover films to boost self-esteem in children

Ratatouille , 2007

Directed by Brad Bird,  Ratatouille  is a film that shows  the story of a small rodent. He dreams of becoming a great chef. For this, he teams up with a boy: the son of a renowned chef but a disaster in the kitchen.

This film  allows children to  discover that there are no limits to developing their talent. If they really have a talent, they will at least have the opportunity to fight for it and adapt it to their conditions.

Finding Nemo , 2003

Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich directed one of the most well-known films of the 21st century, the sequel recently released with Dory as the heroine.

We will find in this film several lessons of surpassing oneself. For example, little Nemo, who has one fin smaller than the other, or his father who sets out on a journey to find him. They both show that  when we really want something, nothing can stand in our way. You just have to work towards the end goal with envy, illusion and confidence in your own abilities.

Wall-E , 2008

Among the films that help boost children’s self-esteem, we cannot forget Wall-E. This science fiction work produced by Disney and Pixar evokes the story of a cleaning robot. This one did not stop working whereas the Earth was abandoned by humanity centuries before.

Among the lessons to be learned from this film, we can cite good waste management. What is particularly important for children  is the need to gain autonomy, controlling addiction to technology, gadgets, smartphones, etc.

Human communication in person, even though in the film this is embodied by robots, is vital. In this way, we can learn body language and the meaning of sounds to know how to communicate in an effective, safe and meaningful way.

Vice versa,  2015

E also known by its original name, Inside Out is a modern classic Disney and Pixar. It explores in depth the emotions of childhood, including disgust, fear, anger, sadness and joy.

Much of the work that is done with children in learning to develop their self-esteem  has to do with their own emotions. In this case, it is not so much that they learn to manage them but rather that they seek to understand them, to accept them and to know the consequences. Thus, they will gradually develop an intelligent management of these.

The film Vice-versa helps build children's self-esteem


Dragons , 2010

We are finishing our list of films that help build children’s self-esteem with another excellent film. The latter tells the story of a young man who befriends a dragon.

To take care and enjoy this friendship, a being that all people fear,  the boy will fight against the ancestral traditions of his people. He favors self-confidence rather than fear.  For this, the young man is very assertive by giving priority to living beings beyond baseless customs and fears.


The Dragons 2 cartoon poster

These five films – and many others that you may be familiar with – are a great resource for kids to work on their self-esteem. They will thus be able to grow and develop their self-confidence in an appropriate environment adapted to their abilities.


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