3 Morning Habits To Control Your Anxiety

3 morning habits to control your anxiety

Even though anxiety may seem like something that twists you and takes you away from the “perfect day” anyway, it  can give you the opportunity to understand who you are and what you need at certain times. of your existence.

Thus,  understanding anxiety as a warning will make us think  about some habits that, directly or indirectly, can feed it.

It is certain that anxiety is often just a dull, constant and monotonous noise that we end up isolating in a corner of our consciousness.

Yet even if we try to ignore it, it does exist, and we will actually notice the freedom to pull it away when it is no longer there.

On the other hand, the first hours of the day represent the starting point, the minutes during which we will create inertia for the rest of the day.

If we get up already disturbed, if we do the first tasks while running, we will hardly be able to reduce this level of stress as the day progresses.

 Breaking momentum is always more difficult than creating it from scratch.

In this way, we are going to share with you today these  3 morning habits that will help you start the day with a free spirit and away from any frenetic pace and a race against the clock. 

Take time to think with a hot drink

We’re talking about doing both activities and keeping quiet moments that will allow you to connect with your thoughts, with yourself, and with your life essence.

Keeping time to “ reconnect ” with what you want to feel throughout the day will allow you to easily separate any tensions that may arise during the day.


Accompany this moment of “ reconnecting ” with yourself with a hot drink, such as tea or herbal tea, as they will help calm your mind for the day ahead.

In addition, you will simply associate this moment of relaxation with yourself, to disconnect, and you can resort to it when you feel that you are giving in to anxiety.

Stretch and balance your mind

Stretching our body right after getting up allows us to prepare for the action that will come next.

We get used to listening to what our body needs, how we are doing and how we are going to feel. It is important that you take care of your mind as well as your body.

For this, you can do activities such as yoga, tai chi or any type of physical exercise, always in a moderate way.

In addition to letting you stretch your muscles, these activities provide you with mental and physical exercises that help you find your balance with great vital improvements.

Devote time to your emotions and the goals set for your day

A great exercise to avoid falling victim to anxiety is to get our mind in order right after waking up.

In this way, we allow ourselves time to adapt to the tasks that lie ahead.

You can take the time to take stock of the goals you have set for yourself and also to determine how you would like to feel.

By doing this, you will bring about greater positive changes in your life and more projecting yourself.


You can also keep an emotional journal by studying and noting how you feel throughout the day.

In doing so, you will understand how your emotional system works, and it will help you practice different ways to prevent yourself from feeling that feeling of inner blockage that comes with the most impressive displays of anxiety.

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