10 Beautiful Sentences Against Violence

10 beautiful phrases against violence

It is always good to have a good selection of anti – violence phrases on hand. We are talking about a phenomenon so habitual and so harmful that it is necessary to frequently recall the serious damage it generates. Violence has existed since the very beginning of history. Indeed, the world has never known a single day of absolute peace since we have information.

Worst of all is that while there are many phrases against violence, there are also many more that promote it. The violent invents pretexts to justify  what he does. In fact, most people who use violence think they have one, or even several, reasons which justify their behavior, to the point of thinking that it is logical and coherent with regard to the circumstances with which they have to face; whereas most people, in their place, would do the same.

All of these anti-violence phrases are not just a selection to entertain us. The idea is to help us think  about our own way of acting. Do we promote peace in our day-to-day life or do we promote violence, consciously or unconsciously? Think about it.

One of the most beautiful phrases against violence was written by the wonderful Isaac Asimov. He said: ” The  rape ence is the last resort  of the incompetent. ” The affirmation has an irrefutable force. It reveals to us that only limitations are hidden behind violence.

Antonio Foraguas Forges, meanwhile, points out something similar, but gives it a more specific meaning. He says: ” The  viol nce staged fear  the ideas of others and little faith in  us .” He agrees with Asimov, but adds an important element: fear. It manifests itself as the rejection of the other and the lack of self-confidence.

Fear or limitation is not always the direct cause of violence. The latter sometimes comes from resentment and frustration. We find this idea in one of Marshall Rosenberg’s best anti-violence quotes. He says: “ All violence is the result of people deceiving themselves into believing that their pain is caused by other people, therefore considering that they deserve to be punished. ”

Peter Kreeft also emphasizes that: ” The  viol nce is the wrong spiritual food and boredom is the spiritual anorexia. ” By saying that violence is like unhealthy eating, he aims to make us aware that it generates satisfaction that ends up causing damage.

Phrases against violence

On the effects of violence

One of the most disturbing aspects of violence is that it generates a chain of unpredictable and negative consequences. Negative mainly for those who are violent. Renny Yagosesky perfectly expresses this idea in the following sentence: ” The  violenc e is an uncontrollable animal, which usually ends up attacking its own master”.

Phrases against violence

Martin Luther King was one of the great pacifists in history. One of the big words against violence is as follows: ” The  violent society creates more problems to it solves. ” He is referring here to that chain of harmful consequences that appear after a violent act. To those chains of anger and resentment that never end.

In the same sense, Gandhi underlines that: “ The victory obtained by violence is equivalent to a defeat because it is momentary ”. History proves it. Sometimes one person or group imposes itself violently on another and gets what it wants. However, over time they usually end up being victims of violence as well.

Some violent demonstrations to be eradicated

One of the most disturbing forms of violence is that generated within families. It deeply affects its limbs because it generates the sensation of threat in its own home. Its consequences are devastating. In this regard, Luis Rojas Marcos says: “ This irrational desire for control, domination and power over the other person is the main force that fuels domestic violence within couples. ”

Another form of daily violence is that which some exercise against animals. There are still many people who do not understand that all life deserves respect, especially that of the most vulnerable. Here is one of the phrases against animal violence that we should always keep in mind: “ We must reject the idea that the world was made for man: neither was it made for man. than for the lion, the eagle or the dolphin  “(Celso).

Phrases against violence

 Finally, we cannot forget that there is a difference between violence and standing firm against injustice or unacceptable acts. In this sense, Alie Wiesel says: “ In the face of atrocities, we must take sides. Silence stimulates the executioner  “. It refers to the fact that nonviolence is not synonymous with passivity, but the fact of renouncing aggression as a means. This is ultimately the goal of all pacifists who enlighten us on the subject.

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